Friday, June 16, 2006

the new utility

i am really not a big fan of the utility dress or dungaree dress or overall or pinafore (so many names to it). but the trend is back. in the S/S collection of marc jacobs, maxmara and hermes, we see a couple of these dresses. and i must say, i have a different opinion about the new utility look now after seeing them. (back in the 90s, the utility wear i remembered are often made of stronger materials, and most common of all, denim) but the ones today, i think are given a new twist. softer materials are used and a feminine twist is given. since i saw these photos, i am thinking maybe i should explore on some dungaree dresses (i just hope i dun end up looking like a female construction worker, or some young girls in their school pinafore) take a look. photos from


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