Wednesday, June 14, 2006

still in stripes

Was just flipping through my favourite japanese fashion magazine, So-En. its always my inspiration every month. there is a few pages on stripes in this issue. which made me realised that stripes is still going on strong. its probably one of the most popular and longest lasting trends. it has been around late last year... and till today, its still around. and every few years, it is bound to come back again. i am a big fan of stripes. its just something which i can't stop buying. whenever i see one now, i really have to stop myself from buying. here are two pages about the legend of stripes from so-en (which i am going to get my japanese sensei to translate for me next week)

i really like the balloony thick stripped dresses from sonia rykiel, especially the red one. (i hope you can see clearly, double click to get a bigger image)

do you guys see a lot of strippes in singapore? i sure do in hong kong.


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