Saturday, May 31, 2008


hi girls, how are you? yes we will be launching the new stuff tomorrow. i am still working at it. and in between work, i have been looking for inspirations on the web (not on fashion though but for my soul. hehe) you know when there are too much work and deadlines, we tend to get anxious. whenever i am aware of myself feeling that, i literally have to tell myself to slow down and to let go. after trying to meet urgent deadlines for the past 9 years of MNC life, i reckon i have had more anxiety than i ever needed in my entire life. haha. i now choose to forsake my previous life for a yogic life. : P
i have been listening to snatam kaur (after my yoga teacher played it in class), i absolutely love it! kym is totally convinced i am turning hindu after he saw who she is. she is actually an american who is a sikh. : ) she sings beautifully.
i am constantly at her website to listen to her songs before my cd from arrives (together with 2 other cds from deva premal and miten. yippee!)
i found my inspiration at her blog, some beautiful words from sri swami satchidananda.
''As yogis let us have a deeper understanding and broader perspective when viewing what is happening in our world. Let's not focus only on the negative side. That is what we see happening sometimes, and people become filled with fear and anxiety. A yogi, on the other hand, will look upon everything with equanimity and balance.''
equanimity and balance, yes, my inspiration. time to go for yin yoga. continue work when i am back.


Blogger Fairy_Dust said...

hey suyin! i thought the sale is on 31st May?? Heehee!!! absolutely looking forward to it!

May 31, 2008 10:43 PM  

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