Thursday, May 01, 2008

om... om... om...

i am actually in singapore now, leaving tomorrow back to hong kong. i just came back from an hour of gentle and an hour of core from pure here at ngee ann city. i actually booked 2 classes for this sat but i just cannot wait any longer, having not do yoga for the last 6 days, my whole body feels a little unbalanced. too much food, too little exercise. now after the 2 hours, i feel great!! i especially like it when the teacher connects the asanas and guide us through a lucid, vinyasa flow (maurice does exactly that, i love his class!)
maybe i should upgrade my hk package to a cross-region one, now that i would be back in sin more regularly for work. quite expensive to go for drop in class even though every class is already at half priced for members from pure hk. i am thinking of doing a yoga retreat either in india or nepal within this year. let me start planning! yes! anyone who is thinking of trying a yoga class, i would highly recommend to go ahead and do it.


Blogger sock said...

hi suyin! im interested in finding out more about yoga, any recommendations in sg?

May 02, 2008 5:45 PM  

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