Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lets take a break from clothes today

namaste! first of all, congrats to gillian on starting her yoga class! yes let me know how you are getting along with it. oh one of the things i look forward to everyday is going for yoga. it has become part of my life. i am reading 'autobiography of a yogi' now by paramahansa yogananda. listening to ravi shankar's chants of india. and am probably turning into a hindu soon... haha. well thats what kym said when he saw the blue-skin krishna (hindu deity) on the book cover of the other book - 'bhagavad gita' which i am also reading now. and also becos i always bug him to eat indian food with me. hahaha.
currently i am in the midst of planning my pilgrimage to nepal which i would like to happen later this year. it will be my second trip to this beautiful country. i first went when i was 19 with my temasek poly classmates. this time, i want to do it on my own. i have to go... i feel the strong need to be close to nature, to the mountains, to the non-material life. best thing is, my cat-sitter, mila who is a nepalese working in hk, has invited me to stay in her house in kathmandu city with her daughters. i love staying with the locals, and try to be as local as can be when i travel. life is all about experiences.
right now the planning keeps me motivated when i am overloaded with work. just bought a lonely planet. : )


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