Wednesday, June 27, 2007

those were the days

ok this trip home, besides work, i get to see a lot of babies. well 3 altogether. most of my frens in singapore have all become moms. its so different as compared to my frens here in hk. but the happiest thing is i finally get to see leng's baby, shahn. she is adorable! this is a photo of us, all my closest secondary school mates from tkgs. oh still remember those days when we were just innocent 16 yo wearing our green uniform hanging around the void decks near my house after school, or we will go to the beach and do nothing or go swimming at big splash. oh those were the days. now leng is a mom. the rest of us in the photo are not. we still cant believe that she would be the first to be a mom. i am really happy for her. and this is finch, leng's cat. i love this photo. she looks like an owl. oh now i can't wait to go back in august to see lee keng's new born baby!


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