Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MARC!!!!!!!! what happened?

ah!!! i was just going through some fashion websites, and i have to say i am SHOCKED to see the brand new slimmed down marc jacobs! OMG! he looks so different!!! check this out! this is marc jacobs Fall/Winter 07.
2007 this is crazy! he is turning into tom ford! ah!!!! i have not come to term with his latest look yet. ah... now he just looks rather good-looking, typically normal and slightly boring. oh i much prefer his goofy geeky look in 2005 which makes such a good juxtaposition to his cool clothes. now he looks like he has an overdose of LV. all polished.
ok you see actually i wanted to show you guys this MJ bag i recieved from my brother earlier, but i got all distracted by his transformation. ok i will show you my new bag tomorrow. got to sleep before 2am today. full day shoot tomorrow. oh i hope kyurii can afford a model soon... i cant do this any longer........


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