Tuesday, August 19, 2008

flowing with grace

hi i just finished shooting for the day then i did an hour of yoga. i cant show you the photos of the clothes yet, but i can show you photos of my headstand (which not many would be interested i think. hahaha) i want to shoot it but that means i have to get to my mat, into position then legs up within 10secs timer. that was kind of challenging for an inversion beginner but a lot of fun. i only managed to get 3 shots of the full pose out of about 15 attempts. now i am going to try to do it without the wall, and i want to be less wobbly when i stretched out my legs to full pose. core strength! core strength! oh i love staying upside down, letting the blood flow to my head. i stayed there for 3 mins. could even chat to my dad in headstand position just now. woo.. cool. i feel so good! last few days i felt so lethargic, heavy, bloated, muddled up (must be the over-eating and lack of daily exercise). now i feel light, clear and my inner heart shining bright!


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