Friday, August 29, 2008

yoga and dental?

hello girls, how are you doing? today i went to the dentist today. you know i am soooooo afraid of going to one and i haven't been to one for years. haha. i actually have to pray before i go, asking the universe for a compassionate, gentle and experienced dentist. indeed dr koh turns out to be exactly that. i realised that the pain maybe still there in the process, but if the doctor has kindness and compassion, you can feel it and the pain becomes bearable. you completely trust and open up to the experience. i was actually chanting in my heart my anusara yoga mantra, 'open your heart' and taking deep breaths and relaxing my whole body. what i learn from my yin class, to breathe into the pain and to let go of any tension really helps. not kidding. slowly all the recollections of my past horrible ordeals start to evaporate... oh thank you universe for sending me dr koh. i am going to appoint him as my official dentist from now on, even if i have to travel back to singapore for dental appointments, i will do that. haha.


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