Thursday, March 13, 2008

kuro in action!

i am kuro! i had a great time last nite playing with the rats and the whole living room is my playground! woohoo! my eldest brother climbed up to the top of the bookshelf. he is extremely timid and sensitive. strange thing is, i overheard the phone conversation between my owner and a man, they said something about him being gay. mm.. so maybe he is my sister. anyway. i am glad i have my other brother to play with me but he kept staring and growling at me last nite. but i am not scared! i just want to PLAY!!
show you my long limbs! hehe
entangled with the bloody rats!
ooh a little tired. mm.. lacey table cloth, not my taste.
wee.... i discovered i can slide by clinging on to the lacey table cloth with my claws! this is fun!


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