Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i am a girl!

today i found out that my black cat is not a boy! he is a she!! and we had been calling her her chinese name, ah long ah long (dragon) ah! the lady at the cat rescue told me its a boy. the vet told me 'i dun see any testicles'. haha i guess we should be calling her kuro, jian fung (pheonix) instead. haha


Blogger princessmiki said...

i was browsing thru your blog..
and saw this post... and urs is opp of mine.
i got my black cat... tot it was a girl...named her baby...n brought to the vet, vet confirmed was a girl..
but he fell sick den brought it to another vet, and turn out to be a BOY!!! funny... boy with a name of baby :)

July 25, 2008 3:57 PM  

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