Friday, October 12, 2007

friday again?!?

time flies! how are you guys doing? over at the house of kyurii, we are really busy. leekeng is going back to her full time job next week, her maternity leave is over. i will have to start work on the website real soon. we hope you guys like the scarves and the basics launch. we will continue to bring in more basic items for you once a month. so when you feel you need a simple tank top to go under the jacket, or a plain casual top to do some layering, don't forget to browse through to see if there are suitable items!
btw, there will be a launch coming up this weekend!! i am not sure if i have time to show you the sneak preview! i will try my best. ok got to get back to work! have a great weekend ahead! happy hari raya to eirma!


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