Sunday, May 27, 2007

amber rainstorm in hk

its raining finally! after days of hot stuffed weather. thunder and lightning, they are all happening now! but thats bad news for me, becos its so dark now, i need the light to shoot! ah!!!! i can only pray that tomorrow will be all clear and bright! meanwhile, i just dun feel like doing anything but rest. after 'entertaining' my mom for nearly a month (and sharing the same bed with her as i only have one room and one queen size bed in my apartment. the problem is my mom always ends up in the centre of the bed!!!! ah!! and i end up at the edge), i really am glad to have my own space again. on a nice rainy afternoon at home with my two cats, watching a documentary on gelada monkeys in the mountains of ethiopia, and eating lao po ping. my mom bought 48 lao po pings altogether. my goodness...


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