Wednesday, May 30, 2007

cheap monday

anonymous who left a comment yesterday, inspired today's blog. lets talk about a very popular denim brand, cheap monday, from stockholm today. its 'an unwashed, very tight fitted stretch denim jean for a shockingly good price!' (quoted from their website). and this is the cheap monday store i went in stockholm. its the weekday store at gotgatan. its call weekday store. becos when the guys started a second-hand store in a stockholm suburb in 2000, the shop was only opened on weekends. and the store was called weekend. it went really well, and a bigger shop in central stockholm was opened and its call weekday, opened every day of the week. i really love the illustrations that are seen through the walls of the shop. bt too bad, i cannot take any photos inside. you can see a little of the shop in their website: (then click on weekday store, stockholm gotgatan. so i bought this little red bag with samples of the wierd illustrations home. and the cool thing about the store is that in the basement, there is a workshop area where the staff are printing these illustrations on the tshirts. and you can see them work through the glass panel. i love the casual feel of the entire store! if kyurii has a store, it must also be a cool casual place. kym must do the illustrations for us! check these creatures out! love them! but my mom kept saying 'aiyo, so scary! nice meh?' when i bought this bag. hahaha. but i really regretted not getting a pair of cheap monday. its about 600kroner. which is about 600hkd. totally reasonable. ah!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah... finally someone talks about cheap monday.. i saw a few at heeren and it retails abt SGD200!!
tw, ur bag is so kawaii!! Not scary at all! Loves it! =)

May 31, 2007 1:12 PM  

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