Friday, September 22, 2006

working from home

haha these few days i have been working from home, as the new office of my full-time job is not ready for us to move in yet. i actually quite enjoy working from home (maybe becos after nearly 10 years working in advertising agencies, its really nice to be working in a quieter and slower paced environment), with my favourite music on, the cats sleeping near my computer desk. i think they are happy that i am home too during the day. well.. i hope to be doing kyurii full time real soon. it is my real passion.
hows the weather over in singapore? in hong kong now, i can feel a slight chill in the wind. the leaves have not turned brown yet, they are still on the branches. i love it when the leaves start falling off, leaving the tree bare. i love autumn. i cant wait to be in london in autumn. my last trip to london was 2 years ago. ok going to shoot some clothes now. see you guys later!


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