Tuesday, February 23, 2010

13feb - full day shopping for losar!

we started the day early! kim's friend, lama suji has agreed to be our personal driver and bodyguard for the day! how fortunate we are! lama suji is ex-driver for venerable thrangu rinpoche, so we are in safe hands and in a very good car! off we go! to the biggest shopping mall in kathmandu. which feels like the 'emporium' mall when i was very very young. i remembered shopping there with my grandmother. see what i mean. haha.. i am loving it.
as we decide to go visit yangsi rinpoche and rabjam rinpoche of our school tomorrow morning, we have to get some gifts. i decided to get a football for khyentse yangsi rinpoche who is maybe 17 or 18 years old. but i later learnt that he likes little white mices. i played with one of them a few days ago. yes, very 'lovely' gift-wrapping! haha... i am really having fun this new year! there was so many people shopping, all last minute losar shoppers like us. we started out feeling really excited, by the end of it, we are tired and frustrated with the long queues and super slow service. and where is our love and compassion for all sentient beings? haha.. we had to go to hyatt for tea and some serenity. eating at hyatt is equivalent to eating at a regular 'cha chan tang' restaurant in hk. about 55hkd for a club sandwich which comes with very good fries. look at the gifts i got! i feel so happy when i see them all laid out like that. i spent like 2 hours deciding which cards to give who and then writing them. its almost midnight when i am done. i am ready for losar tomorrow! see me in my chuba!
yes, the tibetan monks love the spicy korean noodles. haha.. kim got 15 packs of that for the her monk friends in their 4 year retreat. the boot of the classic toyota corolla was filled with instant noodles!


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