Wednesday, November 12, 2008

35th day of being a vegetarian

just came back from dinner with my girlfriends, girls talk yeah! today is my 35th day of being a vegetarian. yeah! sicne i am back, my frens have been so nice and thoughtful, always making sure that i have something to eat or eating all vege meals with me. today we discovered a nice healthy food place serving organic food and a lot of choices for vegetarians in causeway bay. so yeah! one more choice for me when eating out! I AM STILL GOING STRONG AT DAY 35! so far i have not and am not craving for mcnuggets. i am actually waiting to see when the craving will surface becos usually in the late afternoon after my grocery shopping, around 4,5pm, i will sometimes stop by macdonalds for mcnuggets or fries before yoga. hehe : P not very healthy. fingers crossed, i have no such cravings yet. BUT i think my ultimate challenge would be my trip home end of this month. AH!!!!bbq stingray, chilli crab, nasi lemak (without the ikan bilis, nasi lemak would not be the same! woah it's one of my favourite food), satay, chicken rice!!! oh my gosh.. i can't go on...
i am anticipating to see how things will be then. ok goodnite everyone.


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