Tuesday, December 12, 2006

kyurii mailing list

hi girls, we have started 'kyurii news' mailing list! i think some of you received it over the weekend. if any of you who would like to be added, please drop us an email at kyurii_online@yahoo.com.sg and we would be glad to include you! kyurii news will tell you when our stuff are uploaded, and also links you to a preview of the coming collection.
how is everyone? i feel like i havent blog recently. ooh... my apologies. i dun even have time to read the magazines i bought! woah.... have been busy preparing for the next batch of clothes! ah! ah! ah! its like racing against time everyday! with christmas and new year and chinese new year all happening one after another, we really hope to bring you clothes that you can wear on all the occasions! therefore from now till feb i think both leekeng and i will be working like mad! haha!
p.s. those who have ordered the black flat belts and the turtle-neck tops, i have replaced more stocks. you should be getting them soon! sorry we couldn't get any more of dec a 1 and dec a 7.


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