Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kyurii on this month's Her World!

hello girls! some kyurii items have been featured on her world mag this month! just want to share with you here!

go take a closer look at this TECHNO SWIRL TOP now! also we are WAIVING POSTAGE FOR YOU this weekend! so make use of this opportunity to shop now at

second item featured: my personal favourite! WEAVED LEATHER BAG all bags are ON SALE NOW! go and check them out!
oh yes, it comes also in CHAMPAGNE WEAVED
and BLACK WEAVED . and if you purchase it this weekend, you will be saving more than S$20! the original price for the bag is $69, now only at S$49.90! PLUS FREE POSTAGE! so please dont miss this opportunity if you are thinking of getting a new bag. this is perfect chance. haha... ok enough hard selling... and the third item feature is: FLOWER CLUSTER DRESS. nice! i love it! heehee.. looks cute with the little sling bag!
oh also, leekeng asked me to remind you that NIGHTWEAR ON SALE too! cute little lacey night dress, all going for only S$12.90! go take a look! maybe there is a sexy night coming up... hee...

OK! please enjoy all the little promotions we have for you this weekend! i am so hungry.. today i have been running around in the city running errands and catching up with friends, need to cook my dinner now. talk later!


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