Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kyurii new items!!!

hello girls! i am back in lamma island. just 4 hrs and 10 mins flight and i am back to a completely lifestyle and environment. the first thing that hit me was, so much concrete and steel around. over there, i am always walking on dirt, grass, mud, sand, wood (there are few good pavements)... in the city, everything seems so hard and cold and so clean and organized.... haha.. anyway.

OK! NEW LAUNCH TODAY! 2 nights ago when i was packing, i realized i brought along this top wth me to nepal. haha.. and now i left it there at Acha-la's house. i really like it, try it with a pair of shorts and maybe a thin belt. nice! a printed maxi dress in blue for you this week!
flower print very comfortable harem pants! best to go with a simple tank top.
this crochet top is my favourite this week! i think with skinny jeans will look even better! try it.

back by popular demand - a new print tube jumpsuit! some of you couldnt manage to get them a few weeks ago, so i hope you will also like this pair. and you can wear it as a pair of harem pants too.
we love flowery tube dress too... so sweet. wear it over a jacket and its good for work too.
love this also! another favourite item. but sorry, very limited in quantity. be quick!
oh one more long dress for you. i nearly missed it out. i like this one too, smock bodice and full tiered skirt.
and lastly one light weight knitted cardigan, great for layering dresses and tank tops.

oh my internet is so fast now as comapred to saturday cafe in boudha, haha.. i am a little not used to it. OK girls! lets go shopping now at thank you very much. talk soon. now i have to go out to the city to run some errands. you girls have a beautiful day! my nose is running so bad.. the weather is so stuffy here.. typhoon kind of weather. see you later!


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