Sunday, July 18, 2010

i passed my buddha body!

woohoo! i am so happy! last sat when i showed my teacher, yangzom my drawing of the buddha body, after she made some corrections, and to my surprise, she said 'ok clean up the board and i will teach you buddha clothes now.' YEAH!! everytime unlce tenzin comes home for dinner, i will ask him for some drawing tips. hee... after all he is master thangka painter, and i am staying at his sister's house so i must not waste this precious opportunity to learn. and each time after 'tuition', i will pass with flying colours and get to move on to learn new things. oh i am so happy... hehe... but he already said he will soon start charging me by the hour. the fingers and the toes are so difficult, also getting the proportion right is also crucial. my teacher said buddha body is the most difficult, even graduate students may not be able to draw a perfect buddha body. i need more practise on the hands and feet. i love drawing faces.
this morning hazel and i decided to do kora (circumbulation round a religious symbol), basically walking round the big stupa. we started at 6:30am. the tibetans start as early as 4:30am. we did 11 rounds again this morning, it takes roughly 45mins. look! so many pigeons this morning! the weather is great today. very cooling. walking in front of us, are these very cool looking tibetan elderly men. tibetan men fashion. oversized shirt, loose khaki pants, hats, umbrella hung on the shoulder and dont forget the mala on your left hand, most important acceesory. so cute! haha.. i love their hats. haha..
after kora, we went for breakfast at a very local place. milk tea, flat bread and spicy potato plus chilli. the local tibetans first spread butter onto the 'phaleb' (bread in tibetan) then spread the red chilli sauce on top (like jam) then roll it up and eat it. the chilli is really good.
after breakfast, hazel bought some fresh vege. she is into cooking. not me. hee... maybe shopping for clothes for me. haha...
its only 3pm now.. i feel like its 5pm at least. when you wake up early, it really does seem like the day is soooo long and you can get so much more done. i think i am going to go back home now for a little nap and practise a little more drawing. then go to hazel's house and maybe drop by tashi's house. then back home for my tibetan 'tuition' with miss tenzin. she wanted to play 'tuition' with me last evening but i was totally exhausted after 5 and a half day of school, so i promised her we will play today. i am going to get an exercise book for miss tenzin's tuition class on my way home now.

OK! see you girls soon! 9 more days and i will be back in hong kong. oh and the mala project is getting along great! Achala is making them in the afternoon at her store when there are not much customers. she has finished most of the malas, then she will start to make the bracelets. i am wearing one mala round my neck as a necklace now. i will show you later! i am running so low on battery now.. ok see you later. hugs!


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