Thursday, July 29, 2010

quiet days...

hi girls, how are you? i am feeling a little strange tonite. haha becos my house in lamma seems way too quiet as compared to living with my tibetan family. everyday i come back from school, i have miss tenzin yangkyi asking me 'what you do? you have homework? where you go? hazel's house? you sleep? you watch tv?' haha.... she wants to know my entire schedule. oh i am missing her. for now, i will simply appreciate the quietness. yeah!

today i continue to run some errands and met up with 2 good friends. tomorrow i am going to shoot the mala beads that Acha-la made and also the bracelets! i want to start contacting the shops and centers in hk to sell them. we might also sell them at kyurii. i am really excited! i brought some to show my friends today, and they love it too, as fashion accessories necklaces they look great too! hee...

ok i am going to have an early night. not feeling too well. the stuffy pre-typhoon weather is really bad. the humidity level is so high.. mould growing... i dun like this type of weather.. makes me feel so lethargic. my whole body is aching i duno why....

have you girls check out the new items? go now!
after being in a poor developing country for almost 2 months and dressing so simply everyday, i am beginning to feel the mood to dress up again. looking at these photos is so refreshing! hee..

check them out now.

oh i have to tell that i was so happy 2 nites ago when i took my shower, my first shower in hk since i got back. the water has no smell! and is clear! not slightly yellowish (and according to the locals, the water supply in the house i am living is considered good, there are houses with unstable water supply or brown, murkish water. slight yellowish water is normal). so nice! i truly appreciate it. haha... and there is always light when i switch on the lights, electricity is always running. not like in nepal, some times after lunch, when we switch on the fan in school and its not moving means there is no electric supply. everyday, there is bound to be a few hours of electric failure. maybe its good, helps to save the environment. wow.. all countries should learn from nepal, and switch off the electric supply for a few hours every day. haha..

you know when i am there, one of the biggest things i became conscious of, is to save water, turning off the tap when i am shampooing my hair, and switching off lights when you are not in room, eating just enough, not wasting food, you know all the basic things that i used to take for granted living in the city. water is a precious commodity. its a good reminder for me from time to time.

alright! 'sim ja nang go', girls. sleep well. i see you tomorrow! hugs.


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