Friday, July 30, 2010

Acha-la's mala beads debut!

i am now working on the mala project. Acha-la designed and stringed 41 mala beads for me to bring back to sell. every mala is unique and the healing stones are all hand stringed with tender loving care (like how she makes the dough for the flat bread we eat every morning). haha.... it is so true that when things are made with love, you really do feel the difference. and it really makes you appreciate them so much more. everytime i see her working on them at her little street store when there is no business, with a big wide smile, i really hope that this little project can take off smoothly and succesfully. she loves making malas and is an expert. and each time i see her smile, my heart smiles too. we decide to use Acha-la's name, 'Sonam Dechen' for the malas. 'sonam' in tibetan means lucky and 'dechen' means happiness. we hope that each mala will bring to its owner an abundance of luck and joy.

well, malas are prayer beads. almost every tibetan has one. Acha-la has hers for over 30 years, it kind of slowly becomes part of you. the tibetans especially the elders are always seen with their left hand holding the mala and you can see them murmuring mantras as their figers runs through the beads. 'Buddhist prayer beads are a traditional tool used to count time while meditating using mantras. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions; thus some call this tool the Buddhist rosary....' to read more...

now i am awaiting for Asha (my homestay sister from harvard, studying religion and tibetan language!) to write some lines.. and we can start selling malas for Acha-la. haha thats why this layout is still work-in-progress.. but i want to share with you now! we were joking that Asha is the manager as well as writer, i am the design and sales and my friend, tenzin (who is acha-la's brother is the CEO) haha.. there goes our little international tibetan family business. hm... our sales target: 7 yo tenzin yangkyi and her 9 yo sister's school fees, maybe plus my monthly rent there.

OK! girls, if you are interested in the malas (maybe as a fashion necklace or bracelet) please stay tuned!


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