Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I Am Wearing Now!

please go now and see if there is any item from the NEW ARRIVALS which you like! thank you.
i am now in saturday cafe again for lunch and to check my emails. today its a rainy day here. so many pigeons are sitting on the stupa today. usually they are not. so cute. they just all flew one round and then back to take their seats again. haha they are too fast for me to capture. today is my only full day holiday. saturday i have half day school. today i woke up at 8am, mon to fri, i wake up at 6:30am. i am not getting enough sleep actually.. my life here is much more hectic than in lamma seriously. i wasnt expecting it at all.. haha.. i have dark circles now.
so sunday is my only day to work on the mala project. Acha-la used to sell malas so she has all these stocks at home. however there was too much competition here, the money she earned from malas are not enough to support her family (Acha-la is a single mom who needs to feed 3 children) so she has to switch to selling street food. seeing all these beautiful turquoise and coral beads got me excited and interested. maybe i could do something... last sunday Acha-la and i start working on the malas. i will match the colours and Acha-la will make them and i will bring them back to hong kong and singapore to sell them and help Acha-la make some money. life is tough here. this morning, i am working on bracelets. ooh i am loving them... hm.. maybe we will switch to selling tibetan accessories soon! haha.. and tonite Acha-la's brother, Tenzin who is my friend will come over to be our translator so that we can discuss the details. thanks margie, for helping to get some contacts in hk for me. my time here passes so quickly.. i am left with 16 days! many things to get done. OK! i am going to stay a little longer here then home to practise on drawing. and get some tuition from uncle tenzin (who is the headmaster of my school) on my buddha body.

OK girls! have a beautiful sunday. tashi delek! appreciate everything we have and never take anything for granted.

p.s. to edwina, i got your facebook message. thank you so much for caring for the 3 cats.


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