Monday, July 12, 2010

NEW IN preview for this week!

hello girls, its about 5:40pm now.. school ended about 5pm... i went home to take my laptop and now i am in sat cafe. i just ordered a mango sundae. today the pigeons are not sitting on the stupa. oh i can hear the bells gong-ing from the monasteries around and the faint chanting and horns blowing in the background. today half the boys in school are not here.. becos of the world cup finals last nite! haha... i guess its like this everywhere yeah. and those who are present, they are all dozing off in class. haha...

OK! preview time! tomorrow we are launching new items. here they are! haha you know girls, when i look at these photos i shot before i left for nepal, it kinda feels wierd. i look so different from how i look like now everyday. haha.. it doesnt really feel like the me now yet it is also me. but there is no preference. when i am in the city, then i enjoy the city! when i am here, then i just enjoy here. guess what! i brought along this dress here with me! but.... hm.... i am wondering if i should wear it to school. it just feels a little out of place. haha.... i even brought along this belt! but if i were to wear it to school tomorrow, i would definitely go without the belt. everything is just at its most basic here, accessorizing creates a HUGE effect. haha....

OK! girls please continue to give us your support. sorry that i cant be blogging more regularly about the items. oh forgot, we also have 3 new belts lined up for you this week!

enjoy!!!! if i am not wrong, these items would be up by tomorrow morning, check them out at WWW.KYURII.COM. thank you very much.

OK now i need to go home, take shower, then i want to practise on my buddha body. its really difficult! and this thursday is yet another holiday!!! argh.. i have not much time left... i really hope to get a 'very good' from miss yangzom before i leave.

sim ja nang (goodnite) girls. nyi ki pu tu sung (wish you good sleep). je la je yong (see you).


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