Wednesday, July 21, 2010

acha-la's malas

living with Acha-la, it doesnt take much effort to understand the difficulties of a single mom raising 3 kids and especially in nepal, one of the poorest country in the world. and plus, living as a tibetan refugee in someone else' country. all these just makes it even more difficult. but i am really moved by Acha-la's inner strength and optimism. she doesnt complain nor do you hear her whine about how badly life has treated her. she acknowledges the fact that yes, her life is difficult but she doesnt hold on to the fact and make a huge drama out of it. she just goes about her day, waking up at 4am preparing the rice sheets for her snack business, making them from scratch. then prepare breakfast for us, the flat bread i eat everyday is made from flour. fresh every morning, not ready-made bread from the market. send miss tenzin yangkyi to school, then clean the house, then goes out to set up her store and starting selling the food till 8pm at night. then prepares dinner for us. we usually eat at 9pm. watching the chinese made drama serial with tibetan voice over is the time when she can relax a bit. and when we sleep at 10pm, she has to prepare the food for selling tomorrow. she probably sleeps at 11pm.

so i am going to help Acha-la sell these beautiful malas in hong kong and singapore. if anyone knows any buddhist centers or shops which we can sell them at, please let me know. you can email us at i hope that this mala project can help to support Acha-la's family. pay some school fees, maybe, that would be good. and i wish to keep it going for at least 6 years, the duration of my thangka course. by then tenzin yangkyi would be 12 yo, and completes primary school. that would be great. for now, we will take it one step at a time. just like my thangka. this is my personal favourite. red, black and white. and girls, YES! i did my first buddha in robes on monday. here it is, take a look! haha...
i cant believe how quickly time passes, this is my last week here. i will be back in hk next tues. i feel i have lived here for a long long time. and i am so well adapted here. even though my life took a dramatic change since arriving here. leekeng and i were joking about it over the phone a few days ago. becos usually when we talk, it is usually little kimi at the background asking leekeng all sorts of questions. now whenever i talk on the phone, miss tenzin yangkyi would be asking me 'who are you talking to?' i said my friend. she will ask 'what is her name? where? hong kong or singapore?' haha... she wants to know all the names and what we talked about. and i had to tell leekeng 'ok i think i better go.' usually she would be the one telling me 'ok i need to go entertain kimi.' now i suddenly have a 6yo daughter.
OK! goodnite girls. i am going home now. its getting dark and its drizzling. talk soon.


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