Sunday, July 25, 2010

my last day in school! party!

yesterday we have party in school! its actually thangka tea party from the second year students for everyone becos they are about to painting their first thangka. its a tradition that you make a little offering and prayers. it also co-incides with my last day in school for this trip. and also for me to wish the monks who are going to bodhgaya for 6 mths to do wall painting for shechen monastery a safe and good journey, so i also chipped in some money. lots of cakes, soft drinks and cameras... monks just love taking photos... haha..
the girls, foreigners and locals with our miss yangzom.
oh i am going to miss the boys so much... everyday i sit with these year 2 monks in class, their jokes really made me laugh. and they gave me 2 nicknames. one is putali (means butterfly or doll in nepalese) and sherpani becos there are 3 sherpas in our class, and they are always speaking sherpa language. and talking to me in it, so one day i decided to ask a senior monk who is also a sherpa to teach me one sentence in their language. so he told me when they tease me again, i will say to them 'why? do you want to marry me?' haha... to make fun of them. and so one day when miss yangzom went out.... again zorpa (the monk below who sits besides me in class) started to talk to me again in sherpa language. i was already anticipating it and so i asked him that very sentence! haha and everyone started bursting out in laughter.. and his face turned red. haha.. its so fun to tease them. he looks so serious in this photo.. so funny... dechen and 2P (gyurme's nickname) best friends! titanic... haha... one day i saw them walking around in school like this.. with their hands interlocked. i teased them again, i pointed my finger and said 'oh now i know!!! you guys are ....' then immediately they told me 'NO! dun think like that, we are only best friends.' haha... so cute. oh well, actually the monks are always hugging each others in the 'friend' way. so its nothing unusual, i just enjoy teasing them. then on party day, i told them i want a photo of them together, immediately they gave me this pose. haha..
and this is iku (his nickname which means tarzan in nepalese) check out his long long arms and legs. he is always calling my name and then talking to me in either nepalese or tibetan. you know only a few of them speaks some english but still, we seem to understand each other. oh they are all so sweet.... always smiling, joking and making me laugh. i have grown to enjoy their presence... their innocence, helpfulness and friendly lighthearted way is totally refreshing from the city people. and in a way, it touched me deeply. i wish them all a safe and good journey to bodhgaya and i will only get to see them next year march during exam time.
OK! i will be back in hong kong this coming tuesday! see you girls then. now i need to go collect my 2 chubas (tibetan dress) and then home to drop off my laptop then i need to go do some shopping before dinner with my teachers tonite. ok i guess i will talk to you all again in hk!

and look out for our new launch next wednesday! i will be blogging about it then! today is full moon, very auspicious day today. hazel and i walked 11 rounds round the stupa this morning at 6:30am, after dinner today, we want to do another 11 rounds maybe and lets remember to dedicate all the merits (whatever good things you do) to all the sentient beings out there, including all of you, may everyone be free from fear and suffering and causes of fear and suffering.


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