Sunday, March 21, 2010

Preview time!

not for the new items though.. haha. preview time for the new house! this morning i went over to take some stuff. come! let me show you the way to no.124 tai ping old village and discover the other side of lamma island!

now instead of taking a 5min uphill walk from the first staircase from the pier, i am going to take a 15mins walk with a gentle slope towards the end to the new house. first of all, we will pass by the last few existing farms in lamma. and a passer by told me this morning, this man is probably the last farmer on the island. haha.. he is so happy watering his veges. many of the farms have been abandoned or replaced by houses. next time i can buy some organic vege from the farm directly. small selection but so fresh! this morning i saw some choi sum. after the farm, the path is flanked by trees, trees and more trees. some big, sturdy and old. up a gentle slope.. on the right you overlook some abandoned farms and some old huts in the valley. what a joy! walking in nature.... isnt it beautiful?
on my left are houses and lots of flowers. everything is blooming now. its such a lovely morning, everyone greeting each other. i said 6 'joe shan's (good morning) including one to a cute doggie haha.. oh i feel so so happy... his name is LUCKY! i asked his owner. oh must be my lucky day! he is so cute, looking up innocently to me. aw..... what a sweetheart. oh i think he likes my skirt! hehe he knows its our new item! haha.. ok almost there!!! but first we have to pass evelyn's house, the pink house top floor. i am so glad she is so near me. then through a narrow lane... can you see? the house in the middle.. here is no.124 my new nest from this coming thursday on! OK! after the preview of the house, lets preview the new kyurii items! haha. you like the yellow walls that edwina has specially painted? i love it! OK! please keep a lookout for the new items launch this coming tues! oh and also, we are going to do another LAST PC PROMOTION for the basic items too! so thats also coming up very soon. yeah!

ok i'd better get back to my packing. i am trying to find some inspiration.. ah.. haha i rather work than pack you know.....

oh btw, check out evelyn's brother's house, just a few houses away. i love that reindeer in the garden!!!! i heard it belongs to the landlord who is a sculptor. many artists on lamma! can you spot it? ok heres a close up! it would be so nice if there is a huge deer near the trees outside no.124. i like deers.


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