Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kyurii Backorder!!

yeah!!! we got it! my supplier just called me. backorder confirmed for this lovely 0310-010 broderie lace blouse! so happy!

hey are you girls liking this other white blouse? i like it! hee.. the tie front effect is flattering. simple and basic, something great to match with your work skirts, keeping it sleek and clean.
latest news from leekeng, this knitted tiered piece also selling fast. i think this is also another nice piece for work with a simple black pencil skirt, plus a wide corset belt! looks great too with a thin belt, under a plain black jacket. add some interest to the normal work gear! yes! i am too lazy to show you this 2 office looks when i was shooting. hehe.. you try it for yourself! ok please email leekeng and i can order more stocks! : ) ok continue packing.... talk again if i have any latest news!


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