Saturday, March 20, 2010

NEW belts!

good morning girls! weekend is here. belts are also here! some of you have emailed us to ask about the belts i wore with the clothes this week. i bought them last week for matching actually (becos i am quite sick of the corset belts which i wore in the past. and also i just wanted something brown for the colourful summer dresses and denim. my old ones are mostly black.)

OK! these 2 new wide belts are at S$14.90 each. very good price yeah. haha... hope you like the item and the price too.
this dark brown buckle corset belt is great to add a little something to the 'otherwise-can-get-quite-common' chiffon dresses, plus strappy sandals. i like the look.
anyway, i am glad some of you like it! so here they are. i got a few pieces in for you. pls email leekeng if you would like to get one! thank you!
oh one more reminder, extra stocks for this broderie lace blouse is in OK! oh one more! dont forget to check out our LAST PIECE PROMOTION! most of these items are our best selling items, pls dont miss this offer!

p.s. also when you buy the last piece items, in a way you are also helping us in a BIG BIG WAY: to manage our stocks! (haha becos we always tend to misplace these single piece items, they always get lost in a corner) so thank you thank you! hee....


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