Saturday, March 20, 2010

thank you yvonne!

i spent a lovely afternoon with my ex-partner (my ex-writer in advertising) catching up. its been such a long time. we used to see each other every day (for maybe 2 years.. she is someone i see more than anyone else during that 2 years due to long working hours. haha) and been through really tough times together in tbwa and then in O&M. working overnights, handling tough clients, co-ordinating client presentation.. who to present the concept who to take through the execution.
oh and we always go down to have green bean soup or buy eggtarts or milk tea with sago, those are the favourite tea time snacks and also our much needed 15mins daily break from all the crazy work stress. oh i realised i miss her (but i dun miss the job at all) hee..

B67-209 sorry this red one is sold out. please kindly check out the black one or white one.
B062-309 white strappy cotton tank top due to your requests, extra stocks are in!
0311-210 dark blue flower print chiffon dress or skirt

p.s. thank you yvonne! for coming into lamma to visit me and also for this photo. a bit camera shake ar.. but its good. i wish the best for you.

oh one more thing to share on this peaceful night, a very meaningful teaching on 'what meditation is' by sogyal rinpoche. please enjoy.
yes, thats sogyal rinpoche whom i saw at shechen monastery last month. ok please allow me to do a little dedication here on the blog.
'by the power of the merit accumulated due to the sharing of this meaningful teaching here, may all sentient beings be free of fear and suffering and eventually be guided to the highest happiness and perfection.'

ok goodnite girls, i am going into my bedroom to do my bedtime meditation. sweet dreams. love to all....


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