Sunday, March 21, 2010

karmapa khyenno

i am listening to this now. its one of the chants i listen almost everyday. something peaceful for this sunday morning.

it is the same room we took photo with His Holiness, 17th Karmapa last oct in dharamsala. i remembered at that time i told him i am learning thangka and he told me he also likes painting a lot. but i didnt know much about him then. only when i returned to hk, i start to read more about him and came across the video above. i remembered i was totally moved when i first watched it. well actually every time i watch this, i still feel touched. that meeting with the karmapa and his words to me, is a great inspiration to me. karmapa khyenno.

another video on 17th Karmapa drawing lessons ''karmapa says: everytime i pick up the brush, its my happiest and most peaceful moment.'' yes.....

thank you girls for reading about my interests.


Blogger 我是猫, 不是鹿 said...

Thank you for sharing the music video. It delivers peace to me.

March 22, 2010 12:17 AM  

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