Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kyurii more updates!

hello girls, tashi delek! how is everyone? i am sick. flu and cough. hope everyone is doing great. many people are sick here becos of the dramatic temperature. one day its 8 degree, the other day its 20 degree. sometimes you really duno what to wear. anyhow.

OK! here are the items which we got more in for you!!

yes this black bag is selling fast! we got more in! and some past items which you love! 0306-010 extra stocks in! please email leekeng to make your order now. 0307-010 extra stocks in! this item is currently selling fast.

last sunday we had a great chanting kirtan party at my place to give back some good energy to the house. we started in the house and then went to the roof for the second half and chanted as the sun sets, with the red bulbul bird chirping loudly with us. what a joy. the weather was perfect. the energy is great. everyone is happy. i am happy. this is one of the farewell parties i planned for this house, which has been so good to me. this coming saturday one last farewell party before i packed up everything and get ready to move to the next place.

here is a photo of my friends and friends' friends who came. its open party so anyone can join. hee... i only know half of them actually. B067-309 white basic cotton long sleeve top
1130-109 black nepalese harem pants

all of us enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the new green cottage (hey leekeng, next time you come to lamma, i must bring you to the new green c, the food is great as they have real chefs now instead of mike or ron cooking.. haha... more choices on the menu and the ambience is fantastic! also there is alfresco dining too, overlooking the sea.) oh gosh i am feeling hungry now...

shall i cook some noodles for supper or drink MILO?

p.s. to valeria, if you are reading i think you must be laughing. today i went to visit valeria and friends at their new office and found out that MILO is a very singapore thing to the hongkees, but more importantly, i found out that my sensitive and keen taste buds are proven right: that the milo in hk is DIFFERENT from those in singapore!! those in singapore taste richer somehow. therefore when valeria told me her niece (singaporean) who just moved to hk also claimed the same thing! i got so excited and am so happy to hear that! haha YES! YES! YES!!

p.s. so to rachel, please continue to my special milo courier. my supply is running low.... hehehe.... next delivery date is may right. haha..


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