Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NEW IN items updates!

today i am making use of my 'off-day' to pack. i have to kind of force myself to 'not work' but pack! especially that messy room! where i chuck all my clothes, old and new, tons of accessories for matching, belts, hats and bags. i always keep that door closed. haha dun want to look at the mess.

i am moving on the 25th this month. ah!!! which is next thur! crazy.. i dun feel it yet really becos everything is still lying around. i have the kirtan yoga friends over last sunday and they are surprised i am moving 'oh! you dun look like you are moving. no boxes around. you havent started packing?' haha... thats becos i still have a last gathering at this place this coming saturday. after that, i MUST really start packing!

OK! i hope you are enjoying this week's NEW ITEMS! i just called to place more orders for the broderie lace blouse. fingers crossed. waiting now for her confirmation. i really like it with this mini skirt plus a belt! also please email leekeng if you am interested in this tee. we are currently left with one last piece. we also just placed more orders for this black weaved shoulder bag! also added a few more pcs for this cute summer dress.
OK! thats all for work for me now. today my aim to get that room packed. give what i need to give. keep what i have to keep. feel so peaceful, i have my teacher's buddhist teachings on speaker. listening to dharma at the same time packing.... so nice.. peace... the air is cool... cats sleeping.. birds chirping outside... incense burning.. no need to talk. retreating into silence...

you girls have a peaceful and joyful day ahead.


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