Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW kyurii weaved leather shoulder bag!

GIRLS! do you like it? haha.. i love it! i cant decide which colour to take for myself.. i want to use it tomorrow! which colour do you like? leekeng is updating them on WWW.KYURII.COM right now! black one is excellent for work! but when i was shooting earlier this afternoon, i realised its also great for a weekend skinny jeans look. i think black is more flexible when it comes to mix and match. however....

its spring and summer now.. i just feel the need to get a bag in lighter shade you know (if not every bag of mine is either black or grey. haha) especially when i am in my denim, this natural leather colour plus denim with any tops in white or light colours look so good together! ah.. help.. i dun want to be greedy and take all 3 colours you see (even though this evil thought keep repeating itself in my mind..)
and champagne! this colour looks so good on the real bag! its like a very light blush, such a unique colour. it was this one which caught my eyes first. its really hard to find a bag of this beautiful blush shade (and champagne is one of my favourite favourite colour) which makes me feel maybe i should get this one!
oh i have to sleep over it. i will let you know tomorrow which one i have decided on. it shall be revealed on the 'what i wear' tomorrow late night. hehe... i am going to show it off to my girl friends at dinner tomorrow. hehehe. ok goodnite i am soooo tired. i worked non-stop today except to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. woah... shoulder aching.

p.s. leekeng, if i go for massage tomorrow, i want to put under company expense! i dun care.... hehe..


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