Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kyuriii - new bag coming up!!

YEAH! there is light today! great! becos i want to shoot a new bag to show you! a very nice bag! i just bought it 2 days ago... oh ok let me go eat my breakfast and start working. please stay tuned!

how is everyone? it is still freezing here... its 8 degree here now!!!! can you believe it?

the sun was out whole day today! i am so thankful.. if not we would not be able to shoot anything. also, it gave me a chance to wear this cape hoodie. i havent had a chance to wear it. hehe.. but by the time i was walking down to the village, i realised its not thick enough.. i was freezing when i am done with my groceries.
look at the beautiful white bougainvilla growing downstairs, right outside my ground floor neighbour's house. aw... so beautiful but so many thorns! ouch. itchy fingers. hehe..
this afternoon as i was shooting the bags, suddenly i realised one of the bags crushed a tiny green insect. ha.. so cute. it was struggling to stand upright again. i wanted to help him but as i knelt down and took a closer look at him... hm... he looks too flimsy for my fat fingers! i am sure i will crush his delicate wings and fragile body. but it must be his lucky day today becos he bumped into me (hahaha my ego is laughing) and luckily i have a little wisdom hehe. i positioned myself properly and blew him a gentle kiss, at the right direction with the right force!! VOILA! he is instantly flipped on his legs again (without turning too many somersaults) YES! i am very pleased with myself. hehe.

poor fellow.. he must sigh a big relief. you can see once he is on all six, he took off as quickly as his tiny legs can carry him! probably traumatised by the whole ordeal.... he probably never got air-kissed from a human being. and i have never air-kissed a sentient being before. so ok, we are equal. haha... there is a famous buddhist saying that all sentient beings could be our mothers (or fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives in our numerous past rebirths. therefore we are all the same). so i am very glad that our new kyurii bag did not kill what could be my mother in one of my past lives. : P


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