Saturday, January 09, 2010

woohoo! sun is out! tibetan phrase no.4

i am so happy! the sun is out today! i celebrate by doing 3 rounds of laundry and preparing my fav muesli yogurt for tea. i am eating it now. yummy. enjoy the day! oh ok since i am taking a break from work now, lets do our daily 'say it in tibetan' now. phrase no.4. haha...lets see... what shall i learn today? (flipping through the book.... ) ok i know. yesterday i learnt 'what did you say?' and in the usual situation, my friends would then reply me by repeating the sentence, then i can reply 'i dun understand'. haha.. cool.

ngey shey ma-song.
i do not understand.

oh i love the orange and red and magenta and pink. they are the main colour in my living room. it just brightens everything up! look out for a new splash of colours in the new launch next tues! meanwhile, dont miss the LAST CHANCE to shop for sale items at

p.s. happy birthday margie!!!!


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