Tuesday, January 05, 2010

tashi delek

hi girls! khye-rang ku-zug dhe-po yin-pey? means how are you in tibetan.

haha.. i am trying to learn tibetan but it is really difficult and i am not disciplined. i was thinking of spending an hour every night to learn on my own. i just watched this video on youtube about it... and halfway through my head starts to throb. there are 30 consonants which are ok. and the vowels.. still ok. then there are the suffixes, prefixes and the different tones, 'aspirated' and 'unaspirated' (i duno what that means!) which typically become voiced in the low tone and there are those in high tones plus many rules. my head is still spinning as i write now.. i need to find a teacher. one with a lot of patience.

there are currently 2 things that i am interested in: thangka painting and the tibetan language. both to me are incredibly difficult. maybe i will get them mastered by the end of 2010! yes!

ooh the wind is so strong tonite. yes! tomorrow i start buying and also preparing for the new launch! i am excited!!


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