Thursday, January 07, 2010

go for it!

tashi delek! tibetan language time for me. and for you too. haha..

nga khyaa-gi dhoo.
(i am feeling cold).

i think it would be good enough for me to learn one phrase every night. not being ambitious at all. then hopefully by the time i am there in the art school, i am able to impress my tibetan classmates and friends. 19 more days. 19 more phrases. yes!

i love tibet more than ever! yes! the bag i bought from dharamsala made by the tibetan refugees in exile.
i was just randomly surfing the net and came across this article titled: What a Desolate Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Taught Me About Happiness.

''5am. As I crawl out of bed and peer out the window of the Monastery Guest House I see smiling monks of all ages off to the morning meditation session. Their gong had woken me up and, although I was desperate to get back to sleep, they were wide awake, smiling and ready for the day. How could they be so happy at 5am? How could they be so happy living in such bleak conditions, alienated from their country and with nothing more than the robes on their back?

In my eyes these monks are not ordinary beings. There is something special about them. They live their life. They are happy. And they inspired me to become more happy myself..................'' read more here.
i started reading and its exactly what i felt when i was staying in monastery guesthouses on my last 2 trips in nepal. that 5am gong! i too woke up daily at 5am. and yes the pure joy that exudes from the monks. its contagious. see the happy faces of my monk classmates in the photo above. they are always laughing and joking around. they are really 'not ordinary' beings. haha... how can they be so happy, genuinely, effortlessly happy all the time. maybe they are thinking why we are always looking so serious and dull. haha... oh i cant wait to be back!

to verena, i think its safe to travel on your own (well, as long as we are sensible you know dont roam about on your own at night that kind of stuff, its pretty safe). according to my own experience of traveling alone, i never encounter any trouble. maybe a few over-friendly nepalese men here and there but they are harmless. so yes go for it! if you really feel like doing it!
the famous boudha stupa is calling out to you... haha..
actually quite a few of you have asked me about nepal individually. i am so happy to know that you girls are also captivated by the beauty of the country or maybe by the sense of adventure! something that gets the adrenaline pumping, the heart throbbing! haha.. sometimes we just need a dash of spice into our lives. dont we?

if any of you have any specific questions, feel free to write to me at: maybe we can all meet up in nepal one day. yes!


Blogger 我是猫, 不是鹿 said...

I m doing research about Kamanthu. It seems that you are quite familiar. How do you get around? E.g. The accommodation at the monastery.


Ivy ^0^

January 13, 2010 12:28 AM  

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