Friday, January 08, 2010

where is the sun?

hi girls, i must tell you i am quite happy with what i found today (on my buying trip). now my only worry is, how am i going to wear so little and shoot tomorrow.... it is freezing here. about 13 degree today. i really pray for the sun to be out this weekend. i need some heat and a lot of light. its been so grey and gloomy here lately.

this is how cold it is. the black kitty was hiding in between the futon. haha..
OK! i just went down to buy enough food for the weekend. and most importantly, some snacks. i have tomato juice, pineapple juice, milk, muesli (which somehow became a must have supper for me), pepper jack cheese (my favourite) to go with grapes, a pack of nachos, a carrot and an avocado (to make into a dip, its also my latest favourite snack). also a huge can of delmonte mix fruits to make my current favourite dessert: mixed fruits with yogurt, top up with lots of muesli, granola (if i have) and honey! yum!

with the fridge well stocked, and a cup of hot godiva chocolate milk (thanks to dear miranda) every night, i am ready to rock this weekend! let me kick off this working weekend by sorting out the new items tonite! i am really excited.

ok you girls have a wonderful weekend! look out for our new launch next tues! love to all.........


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