Wednesday, January 06, 2010

last few days!!

hello girls! today i found out that my favourite bobbi brown lip gloss (transparent one) is discontinued!!!! what devastating news.... so i had to switch to MAC lip glass (which does not give me my perfect level of gloss. haha but it is still good.) i wonder if bobbi brown in singapore still has it. i need to get rachel to check for me.

gosh it is still so cold here.... i think i have enough of the cold. i am so ready to wear some spring dresses and nice little tank tops. btw, last few days before KYURII SALE ends!

oh one more piece of news, i am going to nepal (yes again) end of this month to continue my thangka class and to spend a tibetan new year with my friends (which falls on 14 feb too, same as cny and valentines day and a friend's birthday) therefore......

those who didnt manage to get the NEPALESE HAREMS, please place your order with leekeng now! email her and let us know early. i am leaving 26th of this month. this time, i will make sure everyone who wants it will get a pair! thank you thank you.


Blogger verena.e said...

hi suyin,

i'm one of your customers and read your blog occasionally. i must say your posts are usually quite positive and manage to lighten up my otherwise usually-damp mood. i suppose that's what city life makes us into sometimes. ;p

read about your nepal trips too, and i'm interested in finding out more abt how you plan your trips there and whether it is safe and so on.. say if i were to consider gg on a solo trip there? thot of visiting nepal cos of the beautiful pictures i've seen of the place and also it would be a great break from the cityscapes we are so used to.. thanks in advance! :)

January 07, 2010 10:59 AM  
Blogger Suyin @ said...

hi verena,

thank you for your comment. i am really happy to hear from you.

i actually didnt plan much before i went to nepal. for the trip in 08, i only knew i want to do a meditation course so i enrolled before leaving. that was the only thing fixed in my itinerary. after that, i just go where i feel like going. sometimes i meet some fellow travelers and decide to go for day trips together. i usually plan from my lonely planet at night. day by day. i book accommodation as i go along.

its a pretty easy country to navigate. english is widely spoken.

i say go for it if you feel something calling out to you. : )

January 08, 2010 12:16 AM  
Anonymous verena said...

thanks for your advice, suyin!

when i finally get to go there, i'll let u know! :)

January 08, 2010 11:46 AM  

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