Sunday, January 03, 2010

great start to work!

good morning girls! first day at work for many of you. we wish you a great start to work for this new year with renewed passion and energy! for kyurii too! renewed passion and energy. there might be some changes this year for us, which we will update you as they come. all is well. wonderful things are happening and let us all open our arms to receive them.

ok let me continue with the sales items! today i will choose some items suitable for work to feature. hehe... you have a few more days to shop!
before S$36 NOW S$22.80! last piece! quick!
before S$36 NOW S$29.90! comes in white and black!

before S$42 NOW S$29.90! jazz up a plain tee and skinny with a vest. very good bargain. dont miss!

before S$36 NOW S$24.90!

before S$36 NOW S$24.90! i love this one, try it under a little cardigan with a knee length tight skirt for work.

before S$29 NOW S$22.90! last piece! hurry.

before S$32 NOW S$26.90! this is one of my favourites. you can easily match this with any type of jacket, blazer or cardigan.

before S$39 NOW S$12.90!

before S$42 NOW S$22.90! last piece! very good bargain!

before S$22 NOW S$12.60! i think this little black tank could be a nice one for work too, match with any work pants. i actually like it with the grey harem . explore!

before S$59 NOW S$39! we have reduced the price of this shoulder jacket (very good quality) significantly. you have to check it out. last few pcs left.

before S$49 NOW S$39! this one too! they are all very well made jackets.

before S$22 NOW S$12.90!
try it with my favourite tailored harem.


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