Friday, January 08, 2010

tibetan phrase no.3

today i am going to learn my 3rd tibetan phrase. but now lets do a recap of the phrases which i had learnt. there should be 20 altogether, one per nite until i leave.

tashi delek! khye-rang ku-zug dey-poo yin-pey?
how are you?

nga kyaa-gi dhoo.
i am feeling cold.

WOW! i am impressed with myself! haha.. i got them right. i did not refer to the book i swear!!

yag po dhoo! (means good in tibetan. i remember the first time marieke and i heard it, we were amused. becos it sounds like yabadabadoo in flintstone cartoon so its easy to remember). by sharing on the blog, it helps me to be more disciplined. yeah!!!! ok today i have chosen this phrase.

khye-rang-gi ga-re sung-pey?
what did you say?


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