Monday, August 02, 2010

Suyin's wardrobe sale!

hi girls, in order to raise money for my studies, i am selling as many of my personal stuff as possible. also becos i will be moving out of my hk base (as it is way too expensive to keep especially when at least 5 months in a year would be spent in nepal). many changes going on currently... will update you as i go along. its scary at times but it is the path. haha.. i am planning to pack up soon, so we decide to sell these beautiful personal pieces here at flea prices. many of them are very new, worn only for shooting kyurii items. i really hope you like them! take a look if there is anything you might like. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!! no matter how hard it is to part with them... haha...

we hope to get as many of the accessories up by tomorrow morning on . if not please email leekeng and reserve the items you like first. thanks!


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