Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

0709-010 LONG SLEEVE SHIRT great for the hot hot hot super hot weather!! it feels light and comfy!
sorry the studded skinny i wore today is sold out, you may also like this similar pair 0824-009 SLIM CUT JEANS without the studs or...
these super soft and super 'thigh and calf flattering' skinnies
in grey and sky blue. look at the blue blue sky today! this is hong kong! unbelievable! no photoshop! everything looks so clear and sharp today. so nice! but a little too hot..... the humidity level so high. i am sweating like i am in hot yoga. not joking.. haha..

oh thank you girls for your support, my accessories are selling fast.. i am happy that they are going to you girls. somehow we keep the connection going.... oh thank you thank you. i will be bringing them back personally middle of this month for you! i am now trying to take photos of some of my bags, clothes and stuff. so please continue to stay tuned to kyurii's SUYIN's WARDROBE SALE


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