Saturday, July 03, 2010

my first buddha body

hi girls, i started on the buddha body 2 days ago... oh all the exact measurement and proportion need to be perfect and accurate. when you miss a little bit of every curve thinking that its ok, but halfway through into the drawing, you will realize that it is not ok. the curve from the hand may not link to the heel. or the toes of one feet are higher than the other feet. becos everything is interconnected. if you miss a little of one part, the other part will eventually be affected in some way. just like how it is like in life. buddhism teaches us that everything and everyone of us are connected in some way. what you do to another, is what you are doing to yourself.
nearly a month had passed. i am enjoying the time here so much i wish i can stay here longer. but foreigners we are only allowed 5 mths in a year here in nepal. i have to divide and make use of my time well to make sure i learnt everything that i need to pass my exam. after buddha body, i have to allocate one more month in sep/oct to learn the buddha clothes. then i am good. i need to draw 8 items: leaf, bud, lotus, 2 types of cloud, fire, scarves, pata (decorative border), plus buddha face, buddha body and clothes. i have learnt all except for body and clothes now.
OK! today let me introduce some of my classmates to you. haha.. they all have nicknames. i also have one, or 2 nicknames now. haha... they are fond of giving each other nicknames. pyscho with baby tenzin. baby belongs to a lady working at the tailor in the school. their workshop is just besides our classroom. so every teatime, baby tenzin becomes our best entertainment. the monks will take turns carrying him. haha its so sweet to see all the monks kissing and hugging the baby, sometimes they get into a little argument becos the one carrying baby tenzin refuses to let go. everyone wants to carry tenzin. haha... chime graduated last year, now he is teacher. oh i must call him 'gen la' (teacher) now.... yeah phuntsok is going to cook for me and hazel next week! yummy i like the bhutanese green chilli cheese vege stew. i just went to make a summer short sleeve tibetan style chuba. flowery fabric. this is for Dalai Lama's birthday this coming tuesday. our whole family going to celebrate. Acha-la, miss tenzin, Asha (an american girl also homestaying with us, she is learning tibetan for 2 months) and i, we will wear chubas and go celebrate and have a nice dinner out. i told miss tenzin about it this morning and asked her what food she likes, she said pizza! haha... she is so happy! it would be a lovely day. i have sent the fabric to the tailor, i am looking forward to seeing the finished product on monday. hee...

OK! its about 3plus in the afternoon now. today is half day in school, ended at about 11am, then hazel and i went to the market to shop for slippers. i am heading for home now i think. i want to take a shower and wash my hair. then maybe practise my tibetan. i am doing fine in thangka but not in my tibetan. i can only say: 'where are you? i am going xxxx. tonight i am not eating dinner, i am eating dinner at tashi's house. i am eating lunch with my friends. i need some hot water. today weather is good. today weather is hot. i am very tired. goodnight. see you tomorrow' oh! and 2 very important sentences i learnt:
1. 'please dont use coarse words. i dun like coarse words.' haha.. kunga taught me this, and asked me to say to happy tulku. initially i dunno whats the meaning. everytime i see him i will say this and everyone will laugh. haha this is actually quite a good way to practice; to allocate one sentence for one friend. and say the same thing for a week. then change to a new sentence.
2. 'you go eat shit!' hahaha....


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