Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the other place i hang out at..

today is a holiday. morning i stayed at home and practised on out-lining which i find most difficult. then Acha-la asked me to join her for lunch so i walked to her shop which is just 5 mins from the house and we went for chinese food with her friend. i feel so bad becos she insisted on paying. the meal should be around 250 ruppees and on the average she earns about 350 ruppees a day selling 'laughing' noodles for 35 ruppee each plate. before i go, i am going to bring the whole family out for a good dinner.

then i went home for a nap. drawing from 8am to 4:30pm in a 5 and half day week is really tiring. hazel and i often joked about our efficiency rate. there is no way we can survive in hong kong at this rate we are going. we often only do one thing in a day after school. i remember there was a time, when we need to get a couple of things at different places. but instead of getting them all at a time, we decide to spilt them up, concluding that if we do everything today, we would have nothing to do tomorrow. so it would be better if we just do one thing a day after school. haha... today she went to extend her visa, and i came to saturday for internet. and this is the most major thing i did today. this is where i am now. at boudha stupa, 5 mins from home and school. i can hear crows crying, dogs barking, chanting and bells ringing in the background. most of the monasteries are located here. its about 7pm now, there is still light. the tibetans are all coming out to do their evening walk around the stupa. the atmosphere is really nice... oh actually i did more than one thing today, i also bought fabric for my chinese style collar (upper body) and tibetan style skirt (lower body) combination chuba. hee... the nepalese shop owner is really nice and polite, he gave me discount becos he said i have nice face. oh (blushing...) and when i am about to pay him, he gave me another 100 ruppees off. and i wish him good business. i want to get it made for my trip to india in september.

OK! going to introduce some more of my tibetan friends here today. i usually have my meals either at home or at tashi's house (which is actually rinpoche's house). tashi is rinpoche's nephew. and this is tashi. and this is gombo, rinpoche's dog. rinpoche has many dogs. rinpoche also has a mouse!!! tashi is not only dog sitter but also mouse sitter! amazing guy! haha... tashi and tenzin giving santro a bath. tashi in his favourite attire, gloves! tashi cleaning again... very serious cleaner. toothbrush for the switch. we are all so impressed! haha...

OK i need to go! miss tenzin yangkyi should be back from tuition now. time to play a bit with her before dinner. ok write soon! see you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Su Yin,

Sorry to bother you as I understand Lee Keng is on maternity leave.

I have email to Kyurii for enquiry for a cardigan 897-0517-110 black and have not received any reply. I understand it is out of stock. I want to buy it if there is new stock coming in.


June 29, 2010 11:16 PM  
Blogger Suyin @ Kyurii.com said...

hi vivien,

no problem. i am sorry. we will not be getting in any more stock for that item. but please keep a lookout for the new arrivals coming soon next week!!

thanks a lot,
suyin : )

June 30, 2010 8:06 PM  

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