Sunday, June 06, 2010

NEW IN preview!

hey girls! here are whats new for this week! also our last launch before the one month break. (the next new launch would be in july) OK for this week we did a special WORK TUNICS! as we understand sometimes you just dunno what to wear for work, and having to think of which top to match which bottom. so hopefully this selection of simple one-pieces is able to help you a bit, especially on that monday morning! just put these on, maybe add on a belt and off you go!

we have included 2 belts just in case you need something to go with the tunics. comes in off-white and black. easy to match! hope you like them!
look out for them, first thing tomorrow morning! at JUST ARRIVED at also, we appreciate payment to be made immediately after purchase so that we can deliver them to you by thur. thank you very much.

also, dont forgot to check out our special BUY 5 AT S$19.90 EACH sale promotion! combined postage helps you save some money. thanks!


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