Monday, June 07, 2010

packing starts!

one box of my favourite cheapo 3-in-1 coffee - checked.
sachets of milo - checked.
a pack of 5 instant bee hoon - checked. (realised they dun eat bee hoon, only lots of instant noodles)
japanese green tea - checked.
UV lotion for my face - checked (kim told me this is super important, if i dun wan any freckles (in the 6 years) as the sun there is very strong in summer. all low rise building nothing to block. hats, umbrella, anything to block the UV rays. haha...
favourite applewood tempo tissues 24packs - checked.
muji ruler - checked. the 1cm by 1cm square box marked on it makes it great when doing calculations for drawing buddha's face. special tip from kim. : )
powerful fine brushes - checked. all the time, i was using cheap way too soft nepalese brushes (which i am blaming on for my terrible looking outlines) haha.. this time, i hope with the help of these more professional brushes, i can impress all... hehehe..

oh ok let me go continue.... i dun want to miss out anything this trip.


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