Sunday, June 13, 2010

tashi delek girls!

hello girls how are you all? i miss the internet and blogging! look my first buddha face! my first day in class, my teacher gave me buddha face to draw! i am so happy! i thought i was doing more clouds or fire... when miss yangzom said 'ok you do buddha face' i was thrilled!!!! this is my new home here. i am staying with tenzin's sister and her 6yo daughter. this is how a typical tibetan house looks like. lots of thangkas and dalai lama's photos. : ) and this is my no.1 tibetan teacher, miss tenzin yangkyi. haha.. her english is sooooo good i am so impressed. she is also my translator (for her mom) haha. girls also wear pants to school. looks very smart. we always have breakfast together before school, she leaves at 8:30am, i leave at 8am. in the evening, she comes back at 4:30pm, i get back around 7pm (after hanging around with my other very 'professional' tibetan teachers at the other house, will blog about it later). watching cartoon and plucking vege. good habit.
my blue room. wall is blue, curtain is blue, bedsheet is blue. so i also bought a blue trim brocade table cloth for my little table. yeah! matching! plus that blue floral chiffon dress! haha.. oh today i get my first taste of tsampa! barley grinded into power, then mix with butter and tea, and you eat it like a dough. or like porridge. you can also put some sugar or grated cheese or curd (yogurt). it is the staple food for the tibetans. here you see, achala (meaning sister in tibetan) mixing the barley flour with cheese and sugar and butter for me. and then you use your hand and squeeze them into small bite size doughs. very fun food. it tastes like unbaked cookie dough. haha looks like meatball on this photo! haha.. ok i dun think i am going to get wi-fi at home. but i found this cafe, saturday cafe, which great view of the stupa and relatively fast internet connection. so i am happy. i will blog every tues during my lunch time. we have 2hr lunch, from 11:30 to 1:30pm. so thats good. please stay tuned!

ok i guess thats about it for now. you girls, cha po nang! (take care in tibetan). i am studying tibetan every nite, i have to. actually. i just asked my other teachers to teach me how to say 'i am not coming back for dinner' and 'i am coming home late tonite' and 'i have enough' that sort of things so that i can communicate with achala. lately i am having an overdosage of tibetan milk tea haha, when i say no, she thinks i am being shy (becos in tibetan culture its like that) so she start pouring again and again. so now i have learnt to say 'i am full, i cannot eat anymore' in tibetan. haha...

ok talk soon! jey la je yong! (see you soon!) love to all......



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